Friday morning we got up a little early for breakfast and then met up at the dock for a wave runner excursion.  Amy was nice enough to let me drive since we had to share a vehicle.  Since I have no experience with this sort of thing, I started out nice and slow.  Eventually I realized that with more speed I had more control, and very soon I was going as fast as the vehicle would go, doing sharp S-curves and jumping off the small waves from the wake of other vehicles.  So. Much. Fun.

We had a nice block of time to spend however we wanted before our dinner plans so we decided to explore the lagoon sanctuary .  There is a huge variety of fish and coral there, and there were only two other people present swimming so it felt like we had the whole thing to ourselves.  Here are some highlights from the pictures I took.

We hated to leave the lagoon, but we had to go get ready for dinner.  The plan was to take a sunset cruise over to a restaurant called Bloody Mary’s. Mary’s is the first restaurant built on the island, and it dates back all the way to the late 1970’s.  Impressive right?  Before dinner we had to pose for individual and group photos.  This was the first event with a dress code, whatever “Island Chic” means, I think we nailed it. The cruise was nice, drinks and music and beautiful views of the island and the surrounding Motus.

By the time we arrived at the restaurant it was already dark, and the dock was lit with runway lights up to the road, where an intimidating looking crossing guard made sure we didn’t get run over as we crossed the single road that runs along the perimeter of the island.  Once inside, we were invited to remove our shoes as the restaurant’s floor is soft white sand.

There was a huge buffet spread out and live music that was pretty amazing.  After everyone stuffed themselves the dancing began, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Eventually things wound down and we boarded to return to the resort.  It was quiet, and we sat out front and I stared at the stars while Amy dozed in and out on my shoulder.  I was almost sad to return to our room, but our evening treat when we arrived was a tray of chocolates and the ingredients to make a hot, fruity island tea.  Night night.