Oh my gosh, a blog post!

I realize posts have been sparse these days, but it has been a crazy couple of months. I am settling into my new job here at OpenLogic and am pleased to tell you all things are going well. I work with very bright people, and the atmosphere is positive and results oriented. I am starting my 4th week today, and it looks like code I have written will be in production before the end of the month.

Things at home are starting to resemble normal life already. There are no more boxes upstairs and the basement is functional, if not a little crowded. Amy is staying at home with the kids for now, and that has been a big adjustment for them. All in all things are going really well, and I am happy to be back in Colorado.

The only other thing I thought I would mention is that we bought a real Chistmas tree this year. We got rid of our fake one during the move to NJ, and bought IKEA’s Charlie Brown fake tree (OK, thats not what it was called, but it might as well have been) while we were there. Through the years my appreciation of Christmas has varied from love to loathe, but this year I am excited to see the house decorated and the kids excited. Mason has been cutting pictures out of catalogs and newspaper ads for his Santa list. I keep reminding him that Santa doesn’t bring everything you ask for, just a few things. He nods his head condescendingly, knowing I have no idea how this works, and cuts out more pictures.

I will try to blog more regularly now that life is getting a little more routine. To those in Jersey, I miss you all, but I sure don’t miss Jersey ;).