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Saturday was the last full day of the official trip.  Some of the other guests invited us along on a 4×4 tour of the island and we decided to join them.  We took a water taxi over to the main island and got onto a land rover with open sides.  There is only one road […]

Friday morning we got up a little early for breakfast and then met up at the dock for a wave runner excursion.  Amy was nice enough to let me drive since we had to share a vehicle.  Since I have no experience with this sort of thing, I started out nice and slow.  Eventually I […]

Bora Bora, Day 4 – Snorkeling, Island Party & Luau

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This was the day that I realized blogging was going to be hard.  There is so much going on, and it is so much fun, it’s hard to carve an hour out of the day to stop and write.  We got up fairly early and had a nice breakfast buffet at the Tere Nui restaurant […]

Bora Bora, Day 3 – Travel & Arrival

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We flew through the night from LAX to Papeete, Tahiti.  I was looking forward to seeing the island as we approached and was disappointed we were sitting in center seats with no window.  It didn’t matter though, because it was still dark when we landed.  We got off the plane and walked across the runway […]

Bora Bora, Day 1 & 2

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After arriving in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, we worked our way over to the Marriott and checked into our room.  It was nice to have a moment to relax there before having to go to dinner with the Accelrys group.  We dined at the hotel restaurant and had a nice steak dinner while I […]

A Taste of the DNC on the 16th Street Mall

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Amy and I took the kids down to the 16th Street Mall last night to take in the sights and the chaos as people descend on our fair city for the Democratic national Convention.  For those of you that can’t be here, this is for you. Oh, and I’m going to Mile High to see […]

Tale of a Turtle

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On our recent trip to South Dakota, there were quite a few exciting moments. Bears brushed up against our car in Bear Country USA, the police came to visit us because someone thought they saw a “domestic disturbance” in our car and a hike to split rock resulted in our being covered with ticks. Despite […]