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RFS: Good Home Design/Remodel Blogs

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RFS stands for “Request For Suggestions”.  I’m not sure whether I made that up or absorbed it osmosis like from something I read. For those of you not in the know, I am soon going to be taking on a huge home remodel project, necessitated by some structural problems we are having.  In my quest […]

Vitamin Water!

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My cousin Josh works in the marketing department for Vitamin Water. When he was in town a few weeks ago I mentioned how much I loved his product, which I really do.

I Can Do More Push Ups Than You

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OK, thats probably not true. It may come as a shock to many of you that the glamorous life of a software engineer/father doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise. I wouldn’t call myself “fat”, but the Morgan from 8 years ago would have mocked me and called me lazy. On Friday my fellow […]

Blizzo in 12 Easy Steps

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So over on the Pink Asparagus blog Catherine did this mosaic thingy, where you take the answers to 12 questions, do flickr searches, and build a mosaic out of the results. It sounded like more fun than work, so I took a few minutes to do it. The questions: What is your first name? Morgan […]

Disneyland Photos, Finally

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I’m a slacker blogger, but I’m OK with that. Life has been very busy lately, and next month is looking to be even busier. I managed to upgrade my WordPress install and I am so excited to play with it that now you get pictures. Lucky you! The trip was great fun. After several weeks […]

I Volunteer

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I haven’t written much about my personal life on this blog. Oh sure, I toss out the editorial and observation, but those are largely external. A couple of months ago, I realized that I was, well… sort of dead inside. That isn’t to say that I was depressed or that there was nothing good in […]

For years now I have been happily sipping from the same transparent green nalgene bottle. Last week, however, a co-worker told me that there is evidence that drinking from those kinds of bottles can be bad for you. He was right! To be fair, evidence doesn’t seem to be totally conclusive, but still it freaked […]


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I was outside scraping ice off the windows of my 89′ Buick Century this morning when I saw Reuben. I was vaguely aware that he was walking towards me, but unsure of his destination, I didn’t take much notice. Eventually he got in conversational range and I was forced to turn and face him. Now, […]

A new theme for a new year

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Some time ago I designed a cool new theme for my website, but then never got around to implementing it. The theme I was using before was fine, but it wasn’t very pretty. Anyway, I saw this Dilectio theme one on Smashing Magazine and it was orangish, which I love, and clean. Hopefully I will […]

Catching Up

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Oh my gosh, a blog post! I realize posts have been sparse these days, but it has been a crazy couple of months. I am settling into my new job here at OpenLogic and am pleased to tell you all things are going well. I work with very bright people, and the atmosphere is positive […]