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Despite a blog post about doing a look and feel upgrade on my site, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. My excuse for today will be “holw cow things have been busy”. IN addition to gearing up for the project I have been working on at Vonage to go into live beta status, I […]

Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me…

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If only an irrational fear of clowns could explain away my insomnia. Faced with allergies, a bad cold and various life stresses, I only got two hours of sleep last night. Today, when I try to nap, my thoughts ricochet against the walls of my brain and keep me from resting. If I don’t get […]

Pardon the mess

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I am going to roll out a new look and feel for my blog, since this one isn’t mine. I am going to do this the lazy way, live on the server, rather than setting up an identical local environment for testing. Hopefully it won’t take me too long.


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In some sort of cosmic intersection of experience and psychology, both Amy and I are very homesick today. While my work at Vonage is going very well, we miss the closeness of our friends and family in Colorado. For cathartic purposes, here is a small list of the things I am missing during this slice […]

So after the morning sessions were finished at RailsConf, there was suddenly a burst of noise from the lobby outside the presentation hall. It… it was a marching band. I couldn’t see them, so I went outside and down to a lower door, but I admit I was not prepared for what I saw. The […]

Color Experiments

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Lately I have been playing around with colorizing black and white sketches in Photoshop. I don’t have a tablet, yet, which I am told makes a huge difference with this sort of thing, but I have some stuff I think turned out pretty well anyway. Owen Giene, the artist who illustrates the web comic Sore […]

Please stand by…

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Last week on a whim I decided to switch hosting companies for my website.  For the last few years I have been with Hostdime who, initially, offered an amazing package for an amazing price.  However, they have not kept up with the times, and at this point would not even support PHP5, let alone Ruby […]

In Memory of Miriam

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For anyone that doesn’t know, my grandmother Miriam Shapiro passed away last week. She and my grandfather, Sam Shapiro, have always been an inspiration to me. They were amazing people. For archival purposes, here is her obituary, photo, and the contents of the speech that I gave at her funeral. Deseret Morning News Obituary Contents […]

Happy Anniversary Amy!

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Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. It has been very hard to be away from my girl for the last 3 months, but I get to see her tonight and I am very excited. On October 4th Amy, Mason and Madeleine will make the trip to join me permanently and I am thrilled. We have […]

I’m a Bad Person #1

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$1.25 chuck of fatI assume I will continue to do horrible things, so I may as well start numbering them. Last night I went out to dinner with Devon and Becker from work, and I noticed a large pie-slice-shaped piece of fat left untouched on his plate (pictured here). I told him I would give […]