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Blue Sage Realty Sucks, Apparently

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A coworker of mine has been looking to rent a new place in Colorado.  After a lot of searching they found a house they liked that is managed by Blue Sage Realty.  You can read for yourself, but he was treated horribly by them.  Despite the problems I am having with my house, I am […]

Breakin’ The Law: Nested Links

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DISCLAIMER:I didn’t even bother testing this blog posting in IE, though in practice I have made it work in all browsers. If you are using IE, you can go here to fix the problem. According to the HTML spec, nested links are illegal. Good, fine, OK. Personally I am having a hard time understanding why […]

Micropayments for Premium Software

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I was thinking about the fact that, yet again, there is a new version of Adobe Photoshop out, version CS3. For their standard package, a new user has to swallow a $649 price tag to get in the door. If you are lucky enough to have an older version, you can get into the upgrade […]

The Thing About Vonage…

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Before you read this, I want to toss in a disclaimer that this is only my opinion, not the opinion of Vonage or anyone affiliated, blah blah blah… Most of you know that I work for Vonage as a web developer. With the amount of attention that Vonage has gotten in the news lately, I […]

Funk & The Power of Positive Thinking

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So yesterday I worked from home because I was feeling icky. I had a very sore throat, ached all over, etc. Today I came into work, even then when I woke up I wasn’t really feeling all that much better. Once I got some food up ins and the ibuprofen kicked in I started to […]

Web Developer’s are People Too!

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Web Developers often get pigeon-holed as less serious or second class programmers. While the Web 2.0/AJAX revolution seems to be changing that somewhat, it is still present. I have recently been tinkering with Ruby on Rails and was discussing it with a Java Enterprise developer. When I mentioned my job title/position his response was a […]

The New Racism

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For a white guy I think I’m pretty aware when it comes to racial issues. In our urban utopias we like to think that racism is less of an issue when compared to the water-logged south. These thoughts are dangerous, and misleading. About two years ago I bought a house in a neighborhood just outside […]

Hollywood Schmollywood

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Over the last couple of years Hollywood has churned out one disappointing movie after another. If they aren’t cashing in on the nostalgia craze (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dukes of Hazard, Bad News Bears, etc) or ripping off comic books (Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Elektra, etc) they’re taking potentially interesting movies and dumbing them down […]