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Rails gotcha using after_initialize hook and exists?

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While upgrading Ruby on Rails from 2.1 to 2.3, one of my models threw an ActiveRecord::MissingAttributeError exception when something used exists? to see if it was there. The issue turned out to be our after_initialize hook on the model. In our hook, we rely on looking up the value of one of the object attributes. […]

I wanted an easy way to encrypt and decrypt files in OS X from the command line, so I added the following to my .profile file in my home directory: enc() {   openssl des3 -salt -in $1 -out $1_enc   rm $1 }   dec() {   openssl des3 -d -salt -in $1_enc -out $1   rm $1_enc } […]

While building a Rest API call for our product, we needed the server to respond to a post with a “303 see other” response.  Unfortunately, in Rails when you do a redirect_to, it always uses the 302 response code, even when you set the status explicitly: redirect_to chunky_bacon_url(@bacon), :status => :see other redirect_to chunky_bacon_url(@bacon), :status => […]

OS X Tip, recover windows from external monitor

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So one latest OS X annoyance that I actually stumbled across the solution for. At work I hook up an external monitor to my MacBook Pro, and usually keep all my terminal windows on that one. When I leave, I try to remember to unplug the monitor before I close the lid, because last time […]

Poor, poor snow leopard

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So Apple has released their new OS, Snow Leopard, and this is what the Apple homepage looks like: I imagine this leopard, chillin, enjoying a nice snowy day, when along comes an Apple photo crew. *FWAP*, they nail him in the head with a snowball, and as he looks at them with annoyance, they snap […]

Rails Gotcha Regarding Test Fixtures

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I wasted a chunk of time running in circles over this issue.  I had assumed that when I loaded the fixtures into my database via ‘rake db:fixtures:load’ or ‘rake spec:db:fixtures:load’ in Ruby on Rails that it was blowing away all the data in all of my tables before creating records. It turns out that it […]

Facebook Now Allowing Spam?

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You can’t turn around lately without hearing about the latest craze on facebook: 25 Random Things.  The premise is, you put up 25 random and usually useless things about yourself, and then “tag” a bunch of people so that they can come read it and praise you for the witty and interesting things you have […]

New Look for OLEX

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Today we deployed the latest version of our product OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) and it includes a brand new look and feel.  The design was truly done by concensus with our entire engineering department, and it came out better than anything I think I could have done in isolation. I used a varierty of techniques I […]

I’m going to be an Android

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After several hours of mashing the refresh button in Firefox, I was finally able to get to the G1 preorder form and place mine.  On October 22nd, I will be the proud owner of a G1, the first Android powered smart phone.  The phone has a touchscreen interface similar to the iPhone, but it also […]

I saw this new Microsoft commercial the other day, and I have to say I think it’s brilliant for the following reasons: It shines light on the fact that Apple is casting an unfair stereotype of PC users It gives existing Microsoft costumers a group of people they can feel proud identifying with It makes […]