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Commiting to a new branch with Subversion

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UPDATE: Don’t follow this guide, look down in the comments and do what John suggested.  This totally screwed me up, as none of the changes I did before I created the branch came through in the merge. I started working on a new feature for my product today, and realized after several hours that committing […]

Rails Upgrade Woes

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The Ruby on Rails application that I work on uses a plugin called Hobo. We are using a fairly old version of Hobo, because upgrading has been difficult, but the recent security concerns prompted us to take a serious crack at it. It seems that every time I get close to pushing through, one of […]

Ruby debugging with colorized logging

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One of the ways I prefer to debug is to print things to standard out and watch a console window. The problem is, in Rails, I get a lot of spam to sift through that I usually don’t need: SQL statements, routing and rendering info, etc. It makes finding your output difficult. Today I came […]

A new theme for a new year

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Some time ago I designed a cool new theme for my website, but then never got around to implementing it. The theme I was using before was fine, but it wasn’t very pretty. Anyway, I saw this Dilectio theme one on Smashing Magazine and it was orangish, which I love, and clean. Hopefully I will […]

Vonage ContactBook Alpha Released

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ContactBook, the application I spent the majority of my time at Vonage working on, is finally seeing the light of day. It is only available to Vonage customers, and even then only a select few for the early release. If you are a Vonage customer and you know me, let me know and I might […]

Profiling Ruby on Rails

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As the time nears for one of my applications to move towards general release, performance is the concern of the day. There are still bugs to fix, visual indiscretions to … discrete, etc. My good man Becker got some profiling code into the application, but I found the results difficult to read through. Last week […]

Ruby East Bound

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I just registered to attend Ruby East 2007 in Pennsylvania at the end of September. Is anyone else going?

Organizing Rails Views

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This may seem like, and probably is, so elementary that it isn’t worth writing about. I poked around on Google for a bit and couldn’t find the answer though, so it might be worth sharing. Basically I have a Ruby on Rails application with a controller whose corresponding views directory is getting hard to look […]

Breakin’ The Law: Nested Links

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DISCLAIMER:I didn’t even bother testing this blog posting in IE, though in practice I have made it work in all browsers. If you are using IE, you can go here to fix the problem. According to the HTML spec, nested links are illegal. Good, fine, OK. Personally I am having a hard time understanding why […]

Multiple Ajax Form Submissions in Rails

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It has been a while since I have written, but I ran across this age old problem in Rails today and wanted to share my simple solution. Users that double click on submit forms, or multi click when things don’t happen fast enough for them, wreak havoc on web applications. In order to prevent the […]