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CSS Indentation

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I realized today that there is something that I have been doing with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for some time that, while it seemed obvious to me, has turned out to be helpful for others. For most web developers, CSS is a straight, static file with definition after definition. Good little programmers will at least […]

To Mock Or Not To Mock

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Testing. For most developers, it lurks like a cancer in the back of our brains. You know you should be writing tests, and you should be writing them now, but… well, let me just get this thing working first. At RailsConf I attended several talks, and a tutorial, on testing. While I didn’t get much […]

Vonage Open Source: ActiveREST

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I spoke today at RailsConf regarding the REST related stuff I have been doing at Vonage. RubyForge seemed to have blocked traffic coming from the convention center, so unfortunately I didn’t have everything in shape to share during the presentation. For those of you who are interested, you can find ActiveREST here: ActiveREST web site […]

RailsConf 2007 Scheduling Application

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The RailsConf 2007 website recently posted the schedule for sessions (My session is at 4:25pm on Saturday). As the RailsConf-bound people at Vonage started talking about what they wanted to see, I thought it would be nice if they had a scheduler application so that you could make your selections. Even more, it would be […]

Mac Switch

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I have been struggling for some time with using a Windows PC for work. While I have no problems with my usual tasks (writing code, graphics stuff, etc) I have had problems running code that assumes a linux environment. I tried switching to Linux a few times (redhat, fedora, ubuntu, gentoo) but it never quite […]

Rockets Red Glare

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My friend Becker is working on some code to make commenting available on code documentation where it doesn’t exist presently (I wont ruin the surprise, when it goes live I will update you here). I came up with the name Rocket Doc-it for his application, and designed a logo to go along with it, which […]

RailsConf Bound!

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I am very excited to announce that I will be a presenter at RailsConf 2007! My colleagues and I at Vonage submitted a handful of abstracts and two of them were accepted. My topic will be “RESTful Modeling and ActiveRecord”. As soon as I have more details I will post them here. See you there!

Please stand by…

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Last week on a whim I decided to switch hosting companies for my website.  For the last few years I have been with Hostdime who, initially, offered an amazing package for an amazing price.  However, they have not kept up with the times, and at this point would not even support PHP5, let alone Ruby […]

Zend Framework for PHP: The PHP response to RoR?

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All this AJAX buzz has forced me to look at more formal ways to structure my web applications. My experience as I learn Ruby on Rails led me to investigate PHP frameworks, to see if there was anything usable out there. While I wasn’t happy with what I found, I did find a reference to […]

Services With AJAX and PHP (SWAP)

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I have been tinkering with AJAX since shortly after Adaptive Path coined the phrase. Since I made the discovery I have watched dozens of libraries, frameworks and classes develop claiming to be *the* way to develop AJAX powered applications. To be honest I find it all a little overwhelming. Do you use the PHP AJAX […]