Lately I have been playing around with colorizing black and white sketches in Photoshop. I don’t have a tablet, yet, which I am told makes a huge difference with this sort of thing, but I have some stuff I think turned out pretty well anyway. Owen Giene, the artist who illustrates the web comic Sore Thumbs, recently did a nice sketch of his Cecania character as Alice of Alice and Wonderland fame on his pay site, Cecania’s Private Party. As this is his work, I will only post thumbnails. If you want to see it in full glory you can pay the measly $2/month to join and help a talented artist pay some bills. Here are the black and white, and colorized versions side by side:

Owen Giene’s Cecania as Alice in WonderlandOwen Giene’s Cecania as Alice in Wonderland

At work today I was doing a mock up for an internal application and I decided it needed some sort of theme/title/etc to use as a reference. I came up with the idea of using a cartoon mole mascot because digging was a good metaphor for the site. I sketched him out using a regular pencil on a piece of printer paper and scanned him in. Once I had him in Photoshop I cleaned the sketch up a bit and colorized him. He isn’t as detailed or as high quality as the Cecania-Alice, but I did it quickly. All in all I think it turned out pretty well. It is the first piece of art I have created with these methods from beginning to end. Anyway, here is the mole, enjoy:

Pencil Sketch of Cartoon Mole
Colorized Pencil Sketch of Cartoon Mole