I’m a slacker blogger, but I’m OK with that. Life has been very busy lately, and next month is looking to be even busier. I managed to upgrade my WordPress install and I am so excited to play with it that now you get pictures. Lucky you!

The trip was great fun. After several weeks of cold weather, walking into the warm California sun was nothing short of amazing. I was so excited, I took excessive amounts of pictures of palm trees (only included some of them).

The trip was very organized. We got off the plane and only waited a short time for the shuttle to pick us up right outside. Upon arriving we milled around the giant letters while we waited for someone to get tickets, then the whole group went in and walked all the way to Toon Town at the back of the park for a group photo.

After that, mom and I were on our own and we had a blast, going on every major ride in the park and eating overpriced food. I only have two regrets. First, we had to leave as it was starting to get dark so we missed the parade. Second, I searched high and low for Alice in Wonderland themed merchandise but didn’t really find much. Tinkerbell has taken over everything.

There were lots of great moments, but here were some of my favorites:

  • Space Mountain: This ride was *intense*. It was long, fast, and really made you feel like you were flying through space.
  • Nemo Submarine Ride: I guess this used to be the Captain Nemo ride and was remade for the animated Nemo film. You cram your head against a little window and look underwater. There are digital screens that place the movie characters in real environments, and some of them are done so well you can’t separate reality at all. Very well done.
  • Indiana Jones: This was a cinematic roller coaster, full of bats, rats, snakes and the like. It was also very well done

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed Disneyland. After being to so many other amusement parks I thought that, as an adult, it would just seem like a Disney themed version of those. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their attention to every tiny detail helps immerse you in their world completely. There were times I really felt like a little kid again, it was amazing.

The shuttle picked us up like clockwork and got us back to the plane on time. All in all we were only gone from Denver for about 16 hours, can’t beat that for a day trip!