As I was heading out from my appointment to make an appointment to get a root canal, my phone rang. Amy extended a very innocent sounding invitation to come look at puppies at PetSmart with the kids, they were right around the corner.

I headed over and found my kids playing with this adorable puppy. He was only six weeks old, way too young to be separated from his mother already. The adoption agent told us he came from Texas, where they euthanize a lot of animals because they can’t find homes. Apparently Colorado is such a good place to get dogs adopted that a lot of them are shipped in.

Madeleine looked up with at me, dog in hand and said “Daddy, I *love* him”. I looked at Amy, and I saw in her eyes there was no way I was getting out of that store without that dog. We have talked quite a bit about getting another dog as a companion for Dante, so why not now?

The meet & greet went well:

In just a couple of minutes, the new puppy was exploring, happily licking up chocolate chip cookie crumbs that fell from Madeleines lips.

And just a few minutes after that, he was *clearly* at home:

Dante seems to like him. Oliver has no comment at this time. Now all we need is a name. The black spot around his eye looks like an eye patch, so I think we are going to find a really cool pirate name for him. After a little research we found Diabolito, which is cool but it doesn’t roll of the tongue very well. So we will call him Diablo for short. Welcome home, Diablo.