Bootsy CollinsSo yesterday I worked from home because I was feeling icky. I had a very sore throat, ached all over, etc. Today I came into work, even then when I woke up I wasn’t really feeling all that much better. Once I got some food up ins and the ibuprofen kicked in I started to feel better physically but I was still grumpy. Of course the only sane thing to do in that situation is to put on my favorite funk album “Play with Bootsy” by Bootsy Collins. Awwww yeah.

Anyway, all of that isn’t especially noteworthy, but as my mood improved I realized something. Funk is an extremely positive form of expression. Funk doesn’t contain large amounts of profanity or racial slurs, it doesn’t glorify violence, it doesn’t do any of the negative things that so many other genres do. In fact, if anything funk actively promotes love and understanding. They should be blaring Bootsy over loudspeakers in Iraq. Who could possibly want to fight while listening to “Love Gangsta”?