Obama 2008I haven’t written much about my personal life on this blog. Oh sure, I toss out the editorial and observation, but those are largely external. A couple of months ago, I realized that I was, well… sort of dead inside. That isn’t to say that I was depressed or that there was nothing good in my life. It’s just that I started to remember a time in my youth where I was full of fire and determination, and how the years of reality and obligation quenched it, little by little, until all that was left was one of those little eternal flame type thingys that you see in front of important peoples burial sites.

This realization has given me the opportunity to reassess my life. I am actively trying to be more appreciative of the people around me, like my amazing wife and my adorable little munchkins. My cat is even getting more drive by pettings on my way in and out of the house. It was in this new outlook that I attended the caucus for my precinct last night. I have never attended a caucus before, I’m not really sure why. But with two strong candidates and what I believe to be a very pivotal election, I thought it would be better to get involved earlier in the process.

I stood for Obama at the caucus. I was really on the fence, but when it comes down to it I just want some new blood in the oval office. We have had 19 years of Clinton and Bush Presidents. If Hillary is elected that will push it to 23 years, 27 if she ends up serving two terms, which seems to be the trend. All that said, if Hillary ends up as the candidate in the election, I won’t have a problem supporting her.

After the vote was taken at the caucus they asked for volunteers to act as delegates. I raised my hand and I was chosen. I am excited about taking a more active role in politics and in my community. Then they announced that they needed a new precinct chairperson. I looked at Amy and she nodded. My hand went up. I am now a precinct chairperson, which means I will be meeting with the precinct captains and helping organize their activities, getting people out to vote, etc. I tried to find some information about what this role really means and I found a document by the Sarpy County Republican Party (Not that I am a republican, but I think that hardly matters).

I am excited to be part of the process this year. I hope you are too.