$1.25 worth of fat$1.25 chuck of fatI assume I will continue to do horrible things, so I may as well start numbering them. Last night I went out to dinner with Devon and Becker from work, and I noticed a large pie-slice-shaped piece of fat left untouched on his plate (pictured here). I told him I would give him a quarter to eat it which, surprisingly, he considered. Devon tossed in a dollar, bringing the total to $1.25 and making Devon equally as bad as I am and Becker, despite all good sense, agreed to do it.

He described it as disgusting, and chewy, and told us there was a hard rubbery spot in the center that took quite a while to get down, then he had to close his eyes and breathe slowly for a moment to keep it from coming back up. We salute you Becker, well done.