I have been struggling for some time with using a Windows PC for work. While I have no problems with my usual tasks (writing code, graphics stuff, etc) I have had problems running code that assumes a linux environment. I tried switching to Linux a few times (redhat, fedora, ubuntu, gentoo) but it never quite worked. I couldn’t get dual-head monitors working or I couldn’t get Photoshop to run (sorry Gimp, you just don’t cut it for me). Anyway, I managed to get a MacBook Pro (not the new core duo, one generation back) and a copy of Parallels for windows tasks I cant find a way to manage with this machine. I feel better about this attempt than I have my others, a while back I tried to switch to a mac at work but it was too slow, being an older machine. Let’s hope it works this time, and maybe I will be able to switch up my home computer eventually as well!