This morning we awoke to find a little blood on the kitchen floor. It was coming from our now 11 week old puppy, Diablo. We took her to the vet and they kept her a while for some tests. When they finally called, some x-rays showed what looked like rocks in her stomach.

Uh oh.

On our trip to South Dakota we caught her chewing on rocks quite a few times and were, or so we thought, diligent about taking them away from her. The gave her some medicine that would force her to vomit in hopes that it would get them out, otherwise she would be going under the knife. It turns out the medicine was successful and got the rocks out. Oh, did I just say rocks? They found the following had been in her stomach:

  • A couple pieces of shale and some other unidentified yellow rock
  • A hairball
  • A yellow bead
  • Wood chips
  • A small piece of paper with the following writing: 24″ x 21″

Apparently my dog can no longer be left unsupervised with anything smaller than her head.

All silliness aside, this is quite dangerous. Unfortunately one small rock made into her intestinal track, but the vet feels comfortable that it will pass through with little trouble. Until then, I get to inspect dog poop!