Last night while playing games at a friends house we started talking about web comics. I’ve always loved comics, and web comics provide a forum for niche audiences that are too offensive, surreal or non-traditional for general consumption. I agreed to post the list of web comics that I read daily, so here it is:

  • PvPOnline
    You have to be living in a hole to have missed this one. It follows the day to day lives of a group of people that work for a gaming magazine. It has quality art and really great storylines.
  • Wigu
    Back from the dead! The second comic by Jeffrey Rowland, a follow-up to his successful “When I Grow Up”. It follows the adventures of a boy named Wigu and his family. Have you seen my “I am made of poison!” T-Shirt? This is where it came from
  • Diesel Sweeties
    Diesel Sweeties is mostly one-liner type comics with occasional short story arcs. The writing is witty and unique, and the art is all old school pixel style.
  • Sinfest
    Sinfest is a comic about Slick and Monique, two young urban hipsters and their friends. Regular guest appearances by god and the devil. Very good stuff.
  • Wapsi Square
    How do I begin to describe this? It’s a character comic that revolves around a short, busty Latin girl with lots of spunk that works for a museum. Very unique storylines and interesting characters that sometimes pull from ancient central american legends.
  • Chugworth Acadaemy
    Chugworth Academy has beautiful art, leaning towards the anime/manga style. It contains quite a few adult themes and the authors comments are sometimes totally non-sensical, but I have crushes on the whole cast 🙂
  • Alien Loves Predator
    What would it be like if an alien (you know, the snake-like critters from Aliens) and a Predator shared an apartment together in Manhattan? Pretty much what you would expect. Unique artistically in that the whole thing is done with digital pictures of action figures (with a lot of Photoshop touching up). Quite hilarious.
  • Sore Thumbs
    Sore Thumbs is the first totally political gamer comic. A dorky conservative guy and her uber-hot anime style liberal sister run a video game store together. Lots of interesting characters and an emphasis on longer story-arcs.
  • Penny Arcade
    Like PvP Online, Penny Arcade is a widely known comic. It’s about two roommates and mostly focuses on gaming themes, with some hilarious deviations. Quality.
  • Rob and Elliot
    What can I say about Rob and Elliot? It has to be one of the funniest comics of all time. It never ceases to surprise me with plot twists as predictable as the weather in Colorado and great art. I absolutely adore this comic!
  • Mac Hall
    Mac Hall has absolutely beautiful art, and the writing isn’t bad either. This comic is about to get cut from my daily list though, as updates are incredibly sporadic, sometimes going weeks between postings.
  • Real Life
    This comic is about a guy named Greg, and it is loosely based on his real life. Real life events drive the major storyline, but the day to day stuff is much more interesting than anyone’s life could actually be. Unless you happen to have time machines and be involved in international conspiracies.
  • Dinosaur Comics
    I just added this into my daily routine and it is hilarious. The comic itself is the same six panels of art everyday with only dialogue changes. It is very surreal humor with a lot of philosophy and over thinking of everyday events. Be sure to hover on the image to read the alt text after you read each comic, two punch lines for the price of one!

There are several comics I have enjoyed in the past and have stopped reading. I used to really like MegaTokyo, but got turned off by inconsistent updates and too many stick figure art days (which I never found interesting at all). One of my all time favorites was Bobbins, but sadly it came to an end. Scary-go-round, the follow-up project to bobbins was good, but it failed to hold my interest. Sheldon is a good comic about a boy, his grandfather and a duck. I stopped reading it when they started recycling strips. Greystone Inn was interesting, I can’t remember why I stopped reading it. Maybe I’ll start again!

Post comments, let me know what you’re reading!