So one latest OS X annoyance that I actually stumbled across the solution for. At work I hook up an external monitor to my MacBook Pro, and usually keep all my terminal windows on that one. When I leave, I try to remember to unplug the monitor before I close the lid, because last time I forgot to do that, I had to kill the applications over there and relaunch them to get access to them again.

I tried using expose, but that didn’t show the windows on the now disconnected monitor. I checked out the spaces dialogue as well, but that also didn’t work. I also went into the system preferences to the ‘displays’ screen, hoping to find the ‘gather windows’ button, but it was not present. I think you only get that button when an external display is connected.

The way I actually solved it was through app switching keyboard shortcuts. I used Cmd+Tab to switch to the inaccessible application, then used Cmd+~ to cycle through the windows. As each window received focus, a sliver of it appeared on the edge of my screen and I was able to drag it over.