Last week on a whim I decided to switch hosting companies for my website.  For the last few years I have been with Hostdime who, initially, offered an amazing package for an amazing price.  However, they have not kept up with the times, and at this point would not even support PHP5, let alone Ruby on Rails, so on a referral from Stephen Becker I have moved to Dreamhost.  I would not say the transition has been painless, but the problems I have encountered were resolved quickly via e-mail.  Dreamhost offers a ton of space and bandwidth, as well as up to date versions of the things that matter.

Due to my overwhelming brilliance I wiped out my database backup of this blog during the transition.  Thanks to Google’s cached pages I was able to retrieve all of the posts and put them back in here, but the dates will all have to be edited manually in the database to tighten things up.  Anything with a date of 1/1/01 is a restored post with an incorrect date, hopefully they won’t last long.

I have some new projects up my sleeve and I will share them with you as thy progress.  It should be fun!