The Ruby on Rails application that I work on uses a plugin called Hobo. We are using a fairly old version of Hobo, because upgrading has been difficult, but the recent security concerns prompted us to take a serious crack at it. It seems that every time I get close to pushing through, one of the three things in the stack (Ruby, Rails or Hobo) causes problems. If you are considering upgrading, keep the following in mind:

Ruby Version Rails Version Issues Links
1.8.7 2.0.2 Incompatible. Specifically, Rails extends the String class with several methods that call “char[]”, but the object that is returned doesn’t support/implement [], so you get undefined errors. Joy. Problem found in Tracks
1.8.6 p230 2.0.2 Got segmentation faults when running rake test. Rails unable to render any view that uses “form_for”, gives me the error “ActionView::TemplateError: wrong argument type FalseClass (expected Proc)”. Someone with problems

Rundown of Rubyspec problems with 1.8.7

1.8.7 2.1.0 Rails+Ruby seems OK here, but I found several problems with Hobo. Mostly around things in the Template classes. The Hobo templates seem to need a whole bunch of methods that aren’t defined. Couldn’t find anything.

Looking at the above, I think I have no choice but to choose Rails 2.1.0 and Ruby 1.8.7 and try to tackle the Hobo issues.

Also, looking at this post in my blog makes me woefully aware that the width of the content column isn’t sufficient for a lot of things. I have a custom thing I have worked on, and promised to develop earlier, maybe it’s time to look into that. Enjoy squishy table content during the interim.