RFS stands for “Request For Suggestions”.  I’m not sure whether I made that up or absorbed it osmosis like from something I read.

For those of you not in the know, I am soon going to be taking on a huge home remodel project, necessitated by some structural problems we are having.  In my quest for the ultimate abode, I am looking for inspirational resources.  I did the obligatory Google search and was disappointed with what I found.  I did find the Home Improvement Blog which has some promising looking content.  We all know about Apartment Therapy, which I love, but it’s a little like trying to sip from a waterfall.  I have also seen a lot of nice stuff on Inhabitat, but the architecture and design aspects of it are only a small slice of it’s content.

I am looking for blog’s that have the following types of content:

  • Floor plans and layouts for remodels
  • Finishing details for interior and exterior
  • Modern design that integrates well into old homes
  • Green building strategies
  • Logistics of remodeling (permits, pitfalls, etc)
  • Tips on ways to do things that look awesome, but don’t cost too much
  • Personal experiences in home remodeling projects
  • Photos, photos and more photos

If you can think of anything, please comment and help me out!