I am a Star Wars movie fan. I specify movie because I have never read the books, read the comics, played the games, etc. I have just watched the movies… over and over and over. In fact, in my youth one of my close friends, Chad, and I used to watch the original trilogy back to back. We did that more than 50 times. I have a couple of Star Wars toys: An X-Wing, a Darth Maul Lightsaber (accidentally broken by Mason a couple days ago 🙁 – going for ridiculous $$$ on eBay!), a generic Lightsaber (bought for me by Amy the next day as a replacement so Mason and I can still duel!) and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (which I have never lost). These pale in comparison to what hard core fans have collected.

I camped out for tickets to the re-releases of the holy trinity (Episodes IV – VI) and never allowed myself to see previews for episodes I-III. Amy and I saw Episode IV together on one of our very first dates. During Episode V, Amy was pregnant with Mason and he kicked like crazy whenever exciting scenes came up. Amy was pregnant with Madeleine when we went to see Episode VI. I guess we can’t have any more kids unless they dream up an Episode VII 😉 . I get excited when I watch Star Wars. It has a special place in my heart.

What I thought was more interesting was to see the special place it has in the hearts of our children’s generation. Despite the stock complaints about the new movies from us old school fans, the kids love the Star Wars universe. My son says to me on a daily basis now “Let’s play Star Wars”, which consists of mild Lightsaber fighting and lots of fancy, dramatic ways of extending the Lightsaber blade out of the handle towards one another. On Halloween I say hordes of Star Wars characters on the streets.

We are a generation that is defined and described through pop culture. What I never expected were institutions within pop culture to survive generations. By it’s definition pop culture is generally short lived and fleeting (What happened to the Mambo #5 guy? How long ago WAS that, it seems like forever!). The fact that “Lightsaber” and “Star Wars” are in my three year olds vocabulary speaks volumes. Let’s just home that things like Star Wars continue to be the one’s that stick, and current icon’s like Paris Hilton fade quickly into the background when their time has passed.