After the display put on by the Extra Action Marching Band outside the exhibit hall at RalsConf yesterday, we couldn’t help ourselves. We headed out to a little club called Dante’s across the Burnside bridge and caught their evening act. Dante’s served as the perfect venue for XA, exposed brick and rebar basqued in a red glow with elevated platforms and a big stage. The place was crowded, but not too crowded, which is important since they spend the majority of the time meandering through the crowd and interacting with them. The whole thing was quite cathartic, unjarring some deeply rooted gunk that was contaminating my soul. I feel reborn. Some highlights, and lowlights, from the experience:

  • Getting soaked in champagne sprayed out of bottles from the majorettes
  • Looking down to realize a majorette was on her hands and knees crawling between my legs
  • Watching the tuba player charge headfirst, with instrument, into the impromptu mosh pit
  • Deviant, clothed, mock sexual acts
  • An unfortunate full blown view of the male majorette’s… little majorettes
  • Several costume changes
  • Tight sound in spite of the band members being separated in a sea of dancing club-goers

All in all it was quite an experience, but not for the conservative of feint of heart. If they come your way, definitely check them out. You can see their touring schedule here