For years now I have been happily sipping from the same transparent green nalgene bottle. Last week, however, a co-worker told me that there is evidence that drinking from those kinds of bottles can be bad for you. He was right! To be fair, evidence doesn’t seem to be totally conclusive, but still it freaked me out a little bit. Googling around the jury still seems to be out.

So being freaked out, and having found at least some credible evidence that this might be true, I am giving up my happy, lime green bottle that has been good to me for so many years. I went to the REI superstore downtown and was surprised at how small their selection was. I spoke to an employee and he was very helpful, pointing me to a Klean Kanteen, which is not as pretty as my nalgene, but is 100% stainless steel (that means no nickel). I plunked down $20, which also seems ridiculous, and now I am breaking it in.

My Klean KanteenDo you think I am being too reactionary? Buying into conspiracy theories? Just generally nuts? Maybe… but I’ll let you take that gamble with your own health.