ContactBook, the application I spent the majority of my time at Vonage working on, is finally seeing the light of day.

Vonage ContactBook

It is only available to Vonage customers, and even then only a select few for the early release. If you are a Vonage customer and you know me, let me know and I might be able to help get you access… maybe.

Essentially it is an online contact management system, nothing new there. But it layers outgoing calling features on top of it, like:

  • Click to Call: Lets you initiate phone calls from the web
  • Group Calling: Think of it as a party line, you and up to five friends can chat together, with a super awesome web based control panel
  • Call Blast: Record a message and send it out to a whole bunch of people. Like those annoying political phone calls you get, but from you.

I also know quite a bit about whats coming up, and it should be pretty cool. Features are waiting in line to be added to this application, so keep checking back for changes.