When technology meets geography, I get very excited. Toss in the concept of sustainability/green concerns and I get even happier. In that vein, I stumbled across Walk Score today. You put in your address the site maps various types of businesses near your home and calculates an overall score. If you choose to live near more businesses, your score gets higher.

One problem with walkscore is the distance between your location and the resource appears to be determined mathematically by examining the latitude and logitude of the two locations. This is fine, if your’s superman. Unless I can jump over rivers, scramble over buildings and cross private property, the math doesn’t work out. I assume the problem is that there is no data out there for determining how far it is to walk somewhere, only to drive. Maybe that alone should give us cause for concern.

www.walkscore.com screenshot

My Scores:

  • Home (Denver): 54/100
  • Home (NJ): 15/100
  • Work: 14/100